Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's official!  Jacob and I are now Husband and Wife!  It was the most perfect ceremony that I could ask for.  The Justice of the Peace was SO nice, and everything that she said was perfect, and there was no mention of God whatsoever.  She had us say traditional vows, and then let us say our own vows right at the very end before we kissed.  The JOP was very busy, so we didn't have time to walk down into the Riverwalk to get to the more private places, so we did it at one of the entrances (the one across from the Alamo).  We went down some steps and there was a very pretty water area with some fountain stuff, and that's where we did it.  It's actually the Wishing Well portion of it, I found out, so that seems kind of perfect :).  Since it was a public place, there were plenty of strangers.  A crowd gathered to watch us get married, and it was a little disconcerting at first, but it was nice that they shared in our moment!  At the end they all clapped for us, which was nice.  2 guys from Jake's Flight happened to walk by, so they stayed until it was over.  I think one of the guy's dads videotaped part of it, so Jake is going to try and get a copy!  They also signed as our witnesses, which we didn't need, but it didn't hurt to have them!  After we were married, we got 2 coins (quarters, obviously the best coin) and tossed them into the wishing well together.  It was perfect!  We don't really have any pictures of the wedding, maybe 3 of when it was happening, and we also don't have any pictures of us at the spot from after it's over.  We do have a ton of video from a camera, but the audio is really bad!  But, seeing it is almost as good as seeing it and hearing  Jake's vows were the most perfect thing I have ever heard in my life.  He made them personal, and they were sweet, and he vowed to embrace my love of Harry Potter.  When I heard that, I just burst out laughing!  There's some video of it, it's pretty funny....and it was the most perfect moment ever.

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  1. I'm so sad I couldn't be at your wedding... but I know one day you will have a nice ceremony and we can all celebrate properly together!! CONGRATS you two! Welcome to the married people club.