Saturday, May 7, 2011


I have successfully made it to the west coast of the United States!  I woke up in North Carolina, and I fell asleep in California!  My mind can't seem to wrap around the idea that I'm all the way on the other side of the country!  Almost as far away as I could be in the continental U.S.!  I flew into San Francisco, but the family I work for is actually in San Jose.  It's only like, an hour away.  My first flight was wonderful.  Marvelous!  I was nervous the night before about all the flying, especially by myself, but it turned out to be okay!  I bought a water bottle and a small thing of drammamine before the flight at RDU and it cost 11 DOLLARS!  So overpriced and crazy!  I took the drammamine and it worked perfectly.  I got a window seat, and there was no one in the middle seat.  It was very quiet, very relaxing, and almost therapeutic.  I listened to the music they provided and read my cheesy romance novel...drank some coffee. We landed at O'Hare, and I was all agog.  It was an enormous airport!  They have this awesome underground passageway connecting one side of the airport with the other, and there's lights all over the place, really cool colored lights on the sides, and on the ceiling!  I just stood back and stared for 5 minutes like the country bumpkin that I am!  I had an hour to spare once I got to my gate, and I got pretty bored.  I got antsy!  So, I was already antsy when I got on my plane to San Fran.  It felt like the longest flight of my life!  The first 2 hours went fast, but the second 2.5 hours went by like MOLASSES.  So slow!  I got super antsy and I couldn't wait to get on the ground and get off of the plane.  The several screaming children probably didn't help!  We finally landed, and I finally got to my new home in San Jose!  My impression of San Jose:

It's very sunny!  As opposed to the lush green landscape of NC, everything seems sort of brown and sparse!  There's mountains, but they aren't like the Blue Ridge mountains...they're different.  The air is very, very dry, and my nose can already tell the difference! Did I mention that it was sunny?  


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