Thursday, August 9, 2012

On A Roll

So...we were supposed to be leaving the area sometime in October, but that has now changed.  Jake got what's called 'rolled'.  It means that they're giving him an opportunity to go back in the program, and get a better foundation in his language.  It's actually a really good thing for his school, and his old classmates told him that they were jealous that he was getting to do it.  It's not that he failed.  He's getting an opportunity to succeed more.  You actually have to have a high enough GPA to make them think that it's worth it, but a low enough GPA where they're worried that you might not pass the DLPT on the first try.  So, now he's basically guaranteed to pass the DLPT on the first try, and with a much higher score (which means more mula monthly).  We will now be in the area until sometime next July.  They didn't need to send him back that far, but unfortunately I guess it was the only class that could take we'll be here for quite a bit longer!

The good news (besides what I was saying about passing the DLPT) is that we're already moved into our new big house, so we won't be stuck in that tiny apartment for an extra 9 months!  The bad news is that I'll have to try and make new friends, because all of ours will be moving away pretty soon!  Also, we won't be making it back to the East Coast this year...we'll have to wait!  I myself will be making a trip back to NC in April, but since Jake will have class he won't accompany me.  Anyways, that's the big news in our life for now.  Ta Ta Folks!

Brazil Butt Lift

So, I started my Brazil Butt Lift program 11 days ago...and I've followed it for 11 days!  I'm really proud of myself for sticking with it.  It's very challenging, but rewarding!  I already feel different, and I swear you can start to see changes!  My butt is getting my toned, and there's more definition in my tummy/legs!  It's also working on building up my upper body strength too, which was sorely lacking!  I know that if I stick with this, things will definitely change!  For the first 2 days, I couldn't even move!!  Now, I get sore, and my muscles are absolutely tired, but I can make it up the stairs without crying out in pain :).

What keeps me going is my vision of my ideal body.  I want it so bad!  I'm less concerned about eating meals out of the fat burning foods book that's included, and more concerned with the actual fitness aspect.  Once I started, I realized it was about so much more than just losing weight.  I want to be a healthier individual all around!  More veggies, more fruits, less snacks and fatty meats!  That's my new meal plan :).  Once I'm done with 30 days, I'll post a day 1 photo and a day 30 photo to look at the comparison...and then a day 60, 90, etc!