Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's the Holiday Season!

(and Santa Clause, is comin' down!).

Thanksgiving is was so much fun! My Dad lives close enough that he and his girlfriend were able to drive down and join us for the day.  We feasted!  I made everything from scratch (except the rolls!) and it was by far my best food yet.  My turkey was small this year, and it was so easy to cook!  And, it cooked perfectly!

It had the best color! I called it my 'Magazine Turkey' :). I guess if I had tied everything down then it definitely would have looked like it belonged in a magazine!  I also made gravy for the first time...and even though there was only a little bit (probably the worst part about a small bird) OH MY GOD it was amazing!!  My cooking skills have really increased since I've gotten married.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is truly the holiday season!  Next weekend we're getting our tree, and I've already been listening to Christmas music.  I love this time of year!  Too bad it isn't cold.  Then it would be perfect.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I voted!  Luckily, I asked for an absentee ballot early in the game (and subsequently, sent it in way early) so it got in!  My state went Red...but the nation went Blue :).  I'm happy that Obama won (big ol' liberal over here!) but I do hope that we can FINALLY work together and not be gridlocked.  It won't be easy, but hopefully our Government officials can actually put the country first, instead of petty agendas. YAY OBAMA!

Friday, November 2, 2012

I hate coming up with blog post titles.

It's November!  I can finally start listening to Christmas music....YAY! I don't know what it is, but every year I am getting in the holiday spirit earlier and earlier...this year is no exception!  It's such a bummer that we don't get winter here, but apparently last year they did get snowflakes on Christmas, which would be great!  Even though we won't be headed back to the East Coast, I'm looking forward to the holidays.  I'm determined to make it the most spirit filled Christmas I can!  I'm talking holiday baking, holiday movies, lights, a big old tree (to go with our high ceilings) and I'm going to send out another Christmas card!  We're actually going to get some pictures taken close to the end of November, and I'm going to use those for our Christmas cards!  I did not grow up with people getting professional pictures taken, but it's a big part of the culture here!  There's many talented photographers, and I thought that it might be nice to have a family picture of us (Jake, me, and Archer) that someone else actually took. and edited. and made pretty.  Someone was offering a mini-session, just 20 minutes, so I said sure! I'm excited. Jake's not. Hah! Party pooper.

I'm also very excited about Thanksgiving, because my Dad and his girlfriend are coming to eat with us!  Every time I've made something for my Dad, something goes wrong...and I swear I'm a good cook; I am! So I'm determined to finally properly show off my cooking skills. This is actually the third Thanksgiving meal that I'll have cooked, and the last two were pretty delicious! It's nice that family will actually be here to celebrate with us.  I was not looking forward to Thanksgiving with just the two of us...I'm a big fan of huge Thanksgiving dinners!  Last year we had 10 people, we barely had seats enough for everyone!  It was so exciting.  This year we'll have 4 people, which is exactly the number of chairs that I it must be perfect!