Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cavity Free

I just got dental insurance again!  I haven't been to the dentist is probably 2 years...so I'm scared to hear about the situation of my Dental Health after 2 years of no cleanings!  My dental insurance starts after March 1, so I just made an appointment with a highly recommended dentist here for the end of March.  It seems like so many people hate the dentist, or are scared of the dentist...but not me!  I have had the greatest dentist in the world for my entire life! That being said, now that I have to see someone new, I have a little trepidation.

I've never had a cavity before...ever!  I did have to get the deep grooves in some of my molars filled - but I'm convinced that does not count, because it's a genetic predisposition that I had absolutely no control over.  I think that my 22 year cavity free streak may be over...sad!! Here's to hoping that I get a shining bill of dental health at my next visit! Wish me luck!