Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye to California

Hello all!

I realize that I definitely dropped the ball when it's come to blogging...for let's say the last 3 months? My goodness, it's been a long time.  So much has changed!  For starters, Jake finished his training in CA! He is now in another state doing other training.  

After he left, the movers came and packed up all of our belongings, which are now in storage.  My sister flew out to California to help me drive back across the States.  I checked out of my house July 31st and started the long voyage to the East Coast!  It's obviously been more than a month since I've had to deal with all of my moving logistics, but I remember it well.  The stress is unbelievable!  I'd never had to handle anything like that by myself before...and while I hope that I'll never have to again, I can't count anything out!  I had a lot of emotions about leaving California.  Our first home together was there.  Our family grew by three - two kitties, and then Archer! Our first two years of marriage were spent in California.  It definitely will always hold certain sentimental value.  And, while I don't really miss CA in general, I do miss our home there.  That home will never exist again...our belongings will be shipped to a new place, where I'll make a new home for us.  But, that particular home will never be again.  The first few weeks away were the hardest, but now I'm looking forward to our new house, new home :).

We loaded up the car, hopped in and drove 3,000 miles. 

CA to NV
NV to UT
UT to CO
CO to MO
MO to TN
TN to NC

I'll have to do another post with some pictures of our travels.  Honestly, now that it's done I really would prefer to not think of it again.  Driving it with a partner made the world of a difference, but what a hellish drive, nonetheless! 

For the time being, the kitties are staying with Jake's Dad (who is a total hero for keeping them during this transition time!) and Archer and I are staying with my parents in NC.  We are (not so) patiently waiting for our number to be up the housing wait list at the next place.  We're at number 9...and counting!

I'll do another post about what we've been up to, now that we're safely across the country :)