Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas is about halfway through, and it's been a great day.  We had a nice Christmas breakfast, opened presents, lounged, played with the dog, lounged some more...and that's about where we're at!  We're going to go see Les Mis later this afternoon (which I am extremely excited about!).  Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, and it's probably because of all the presents.  As a Non-Christian, non-believer, Christmas doesn't hold the same meaning for me (and my little family, as my husband is a non-believer as well).  To me, it's not really about Jesus, it's more about family, food, and just sharing in the moments.  It's about the presents.  But, it's not just that I'm greedy for goodies - don't get it wrong!  The allure of the presents for me is the thought that went into the gift.  I'm not going to lie, I got some great presents today.  The best part about this is that my family members really put thought into what I would like, and took time out of their day to get it for me, wrap it up, and send it across the country (well, Jake just had to wrap it and bring it downstairs).  It makes me feel so special and happy inside to know that not only do they know me so well that they managed to find the perfect gifts, but that even though I'm 3,000 miles away from some of them...I can still sense their presence during this special day.    That feels good.

Merry Christmas everyone!  And a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Project

Earlier today I went up into '*my' bedroom to watch some television.

*Jake and I each have our own bedrooms in this house, plus our actual bedroom that we sleep in.  A man and woman cave apiece, if you will.

  Anywho, my room actually resembled a cave! There were boxes filled of books, crafting stuff, etc all over the floor!  There was also a lot of loose, unorganized knick knacks and papers and things all over the room.  I started watching tv, and realized I should stop being lazy take this time to actually unpack and put things away.  I started, and finished just a couple of hours later!  It was nice to actually see my things put away and looking orderly.  I also hung up my artwork and put the empty boxes in the closet so it looks super tidy now.  Here's a picture of the finished product!

I tried to semi-organize the books.  Romance novels together, Birth books together, Harry Potter, academic, etc.  It looks really good, I think! I've also got a place for some of my crochet stuff, which is nice.  The two bottom drawers basically are my junk drawers....you need at least one in every room!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Exhaustion!

Sunday is definitely one of my favorite days of the week!  I love going to Search and Rescue (weather permitting) and all of my favorite shows are on!  This week Search and Rescue was so much fun!  We had our mini holiday party, and Archer got some gifts from one of the decoys :).  He did really well today, and did a blind find (where he doesn't see the decoy running and hiding) and found the decoy really fast!  He's getting even better every week!

The only downside is that I am just so exhausted every Sunday after training!  Once I sit down, I am loathe to get back up again...even going up the stairs is draining!  I also usually put my grocery shopping off until Sunday, so it's such a conundrum!  Even right now I am needing to go shopping, but am just so tired that I don't want to!

Here's a picture of Archer in his working dog vest :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

There are some days... (again)

There are some days where an act of senseless violence shakes you to your core.  The lights on the tree don't help.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

There are some days...

There are some days where you spend an hour making dinner, and your husband takes one bite and proclaims: I can't eat this.  The sauce tastes too much like raw tomatoes.


You hold your tongue, and say: Okay. Don't eat it.

And you look at the lights on the tree and feel a teensy bit better.