Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Project

Earlier today I went up into '*my' bedroom to watch some television.

*Jake and I each have our own bedrooms in this house, plus our actual bedroom that we sleep in.  A man and woman cave apiece, if you will.

  Anywho, my room actually resembled a cave! There were boxes filled of books, crafting stuff, etc all over the floor!  There was also a lot of loose, unorganized knick knacks and papers and things all over the room.  I started watching tv, and realized I should stop being lazy take this time to actually unpack and put things away.  I started, and finished just a couple of hours later!  It was nice to actually see my things put away and looking orderly.  I also hung up my artwork and put the empty boxes in the closet so it looks super tidy now.  Here's a picture of the finished product!

I tried to semi-organize the books.  Romance novels together, Birth books together, Harry Potter, academic, etc.  It looks really good, I think! I've also got a place for some of my crochet stuff, which is nice.  The two bottom drawers basically are my junk need at least one in every room!

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