Friday, November 25, 2011


Today was long. It was stressful. It was exhausting!  BUT it was also incredibly rewarding.  More people showed up than I had originally planned, so we had a full house! 10 people, total, all squished around 2 folding tables, sitting in folding chairs and on the couch. It was so noisy that I bet our neighbors felt like coming over and telling us to STFU, but in the spirit of the holidays, they didn't :).  The Turkey was yummy...but it was a little disastrous!  The first time I flipped it (after the first hour) it was so dark already!  The second time, all of the liquid in the bottom of the pan burned off, so the pan was scorching!  But, in the end, you couldn't tell that the turkey almost burned!  Brining really does make it cook A LOT faster!  Everybody stayed hours after dinner, just drinking, telling stories and laughing.  It was actually a magical night, and it will be a wonderful memory as our first Thanksgiving as a married couple :).