Friday, May 13, 2011

Yo-Yo the Tiny Dog

My grandmother had two dogs.  She loved them both, but Yo-Yo the tiny dog was a little bit more special to her.  Both dogs were very very naughty, because she wasn't the best doggy parent.  Not big on rules.  Anyways, after she died, Nelson found a new home, and Yo-Yo found a new home in our home.  He has to compete with 4 big dogs for affection, but he found love in myself, Sydney, and my Mom.  My evil twin (not really, just my little sister who is such a TEENAGER) hates Yo-Yo.  She hates small dogs, and hated him as soon as he came in the house!  He did have bad habits then (peeing in the house, being kind of aggressive, barking a lot) but he's gotten a lot better about all of the bad habits (and is completely housebroken).  Evil Twin continues to exacerbate the poor dog, and purposefully antagonizes him!  What a meanie!  So, it has been decided that Yo-Yo the tiny dog should come and live with me!  And, since Jake is a SAINT, that is what is happening :).  When we get a house or apartment, tiny dog will come fly out and live with us in the great state of California.  Yay!  I had kind of dreamed of getting our own pet, one that we picked out ourselves, but Yo-Yo was so special to my grandmother, and my grandmother was so special to me, that I don't mind keeping her doggy around.  Plus, he actually is incredibly sweet and loving and cuddly.  Can't complain about that!  Here's some pictures of him (he's so darn cute!):

Snoozing on the couch!
In his 4th of July bandana, before heading to the Eno Festival

 Sleeping with Jake!  Aw!
In his bomber jacket...oh for crying out loud, he's so darn cute!

Now, I did make it seem like it was all because of Anna that he's coming to live with us, but actually it's not.  With all of the big dogs around, there's a lot of competition and stuff, and he really wants to be Alpha, but is at the bottom of the totem pole!  So, we think that it will really be best for him if he's the only dog again, like he was before Nana got Nelson.  Did I mention how saintly Jake was?  He's not Yo-Yo's biggest fan, but he knows how important it is to me!  He's a good man.

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