Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Lovin'

It's officially summertime, and it's hot as hell.  I actually believe that my version of hell would be to live in the South with no air conditioning? I don't know, I don't believe in hell, but it's just a figure of speech.  I'm currently trying to figure out all the details of my move.  I'm back in NC, which I kind of hate.  I love seeing my family again, but I really miss Jake and California.  I miss Jacob more than I miss California, but I really miss California weather!  This climate is too hot for me, it makes me want to stay indoors and sleep all day!  I was so active in CA, and since I've been home, I've been the most sluggish person in the world!  It makes me feel bad, and my body doesn't like it.  I'm excited to start walking everywhere again.  As far as our move goes, things have been all over the place.  First we thought they would ship our car, so I was flying out with the dog.  Then, we found out they weren't shipping the car, and we thought we'd have to sell the car and buy a new one out there. Then, I settled on driving across the country.  I am still not so sure about this.  It's a very long way to go, and it's expensive.  We will get most of the money back that we spend, but it's still a lot of cash to fork out at one time.  I think it will probably take me 6 days to get across the country.  The dog will ride with I won't be totally alone.  If I wait until after July 11th, people could potentially come with me...but July 11th is so far away!  That's a whole month away!  I would really love to be out there by July 4th.  I want to see the fireworks with Jake (every other year that we have been together we have missed the fireworks.  I am determined to see them this year!).  But, the USAF does come and pack up our stuff, and ship it (for the low cost of 380 dollars? again, I was told this was free, but there actually is a fee - you would think that the military would be super organized, but bureaucratically they are the most disorganized organization ever!).  Currently, most of our stuff is stuffed into my tiny bedroom in my parents' house and it is hard to move around in there!  Our stuff should get to us at the end of July.  When I drive, I'll load up the trunk with more of our creature comforts.  This was such a disorganized post, but I just wanted to give everyone who checks this (all 3 people?) an update on what was going on.  It's been a month since I last posted, because I got married 1 month ago today!

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  1. Which is cheaper.... driving your car (and putting a bunch of wear on your car) or selling your car and flying?

    P.S. I still have that Panera gift card with something like $12 on it if you want it.