Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A few days ago, I made a very hard decision.  As you know, I brought Yoyo out to California with me with the hopes of a better life for him.  Once we arrived, his behavior got out of control.  He started marking the walls, pooping in the house, shredding any paper/cardboard in the house, stealing food from the counters, having extreme separation anxiety from me, and having aggression issues.  He bit Jake and Andy (our friend who's staying with us until his apartment is ready), growled/barked at Jake every morning , etc.  Our landlord called me to tell me that the dog had to stop barking.  All of the other tenants called him and complained because whenever I leave the house, Yoyo barked constantly the entire time.  All of the problems together were incredibly overwhelming.  A lot of the issues that he was having were problems that he had when he lived with Nana, but not with my Mom.  I was especially concerned about his aggression issues with men, because Jake has a lot of friends and I really didn't want anyone to get hurt, or for Yoyo to get taken by animal control.

I decided to have him put to sleep.  I was realistic about the situation.  I didn't want to continue living like that, and I knew that no one other than my dead grandmother could handle living with him and his problems long term.  I didn't want to take him to the SPCA and abandon him with strangers, that would have been devastating to him.  So, I took him to the vet today and he fell asleep in my arms for good.  He joined my grandmother, and when his ashes get back I'll spread him in the San Francisco Bay where Nana was spread.

It was incredibly difficult and I cried. A lot.  I talked to the vet about it, and when I told her about the biting (not the first time he's bitten people) she agreed that it was the right course of action.  After it happened, he looked like he was sleeping. I feel like I made the right decision, and he's in doggy heaven now.

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