Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March March March March

Today is the first day of March.  This is the month that my Jake is leaving, and as happy as I am for him, I am also so sad!  I don't want him to leave, I want to keep him with me!  I am getting excited about writing letters again, I wrote one the other day to try and get my hand used to it again.  I also bought stamps for the first time from the post office, and I got these really really pretty ones!  They're pansies, and they say LOVE on them.  

I really love them.  They make me want to send letters every day, which I will be doing, starting in exactly 3 weeks.  

Spring Break is next week, but I'm leaving this Thursday after my Microbiology exam.  I can hardly stand it...I am so tired of school!  Spring semester always feels like it drags on for forever!

On a different note...either the dryer or perhaps the Borrowers are taking my socks.  I have lost almost all of them, and I used to have a ton.  Do dryers eat socks?  How is it possible for them to get lost in between going into the washer and coming out of the dryer?  Is there some sort of conspiracy theory?  Either way, I need more socks.  

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