Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 1- 59 to go

This morning I went to the Raleigh MPS office to watch Jake get sworn in.  I got there at about 8:40, and got to hang out with Jake for about an hour!  It was so nice to see him again after dropping him off at the hotel last night, which was sad.  At a bit before 10, all of the "shippers" (people who are shipping out today) went into this mysterious room where they stayed for 2 and a half hours.  Yes, this means that I too stayed for another 2 and a half hours, waiting for him to come out, or get sworn in, or something!  It was very very boring.  There were fluorescent lights everywhere, and the chairs were very uncomfortable.  But, eventually we did get to watch them get sworn in, and it was so nice to be there and support him during it, even though he probably could have cared less if I was there or not!

After the swearing in ceremony, we got to take pictures in the fancy room where they did it (the last pictures of Jake with hair!).  Immediately afterwards, they had to go back to the mysterious briefing room again, for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably 15 minutes.  Then they emerged and were rushed out to their vans waiting to take them to the airport. I got to say a quick goodbye, but it felt rushed.  I wanted to hurry so that the scary lady in charge wouldn't yell at me! Jake was definitely excited at the very end, so I'm really happy about it for him!  He's called me from the airport a couple of times to say hello, and he'll call me when he touches down in San Antonio, and that will be the last time we talk until he calls me from Lackland AFB to tell me what his mailing address is.

It's been a really big day, but I've been handling it super well.  I only cried a tiny little bit, and I'm staying at Claire's again tonight.  Since I never stay here, it's been a really good distraction, and I know that as soon as I go home, or go to Jake's house, or head back to Boone the real loneliness will kick in, and I'll start feeling sad, but for now, I feel okay :)

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  1. Atta girl! Surround yourself with people and things to do. But people especially. Congrats to Jake!