Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have finally had a breakthrough in what I want to do with my life! I have been thinking and thinking recently about what I should major in, what I like, what I want out of my life.  It has all been very confusing, and since I have been so focused on the nursing, and getting into nursing school, I havn't paid much attention at all to what I actually LIKE.  I've just been putting up with all the science (which I don't like) to get into nursing school!  Anyways, back to my breakthrough.  Today I was watching 19 Kids and Counting (a truly fascinating show), and one of the girls, Jill, was studying to be a midwife.  I became so jealous of her and realized how much I still want to be involved with pregnant women, and with birth.

I started doing some research online, and found information on being a Doula.  They are active birth coaches, and work for midwives, and they still get paid (although not nearly as much as the midwife).  I don't think that being a Doula alone will be enough money, but I have always been interested in massage.  I want to go to massage therapy school, become a massage therapist, and incorporate being a Doula with being a massage therapist!  Perhaps I could work as a massage therapist, and then be a Doula on the side, or something.  I would really like to specialize in prenatal massage, I think that would be amazing!

After all of the confusion and wondering, it feels really good to sort of realize what it is that I really am interested in, and am drawn to.  I have looked into massage therapy before, and pairing it with pregnant women feels right! I feel happy.


  1. Hurry up and learn so you can give me a massage!! ;)

  2. Robin, would you like to talk to a massage therapist? I have a very friendly masseuse who can give you good advice if you're serious about heading down that path. Pregnancy massage is one of her specialties.

  3. Thanks Aunt Mikki! If I get into this health promotion program, then I'll put the massage therapy on hold for a while. Can't hurt to have a bachelor's!