Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dentist Update

I went to the dentist this morning.  My first cleaning in 2.5 years went pretty well!  I still have beautiful teeth.  I love being told that I take good care of my teeth!  I always feel like a winner when I leave the Dentist's office!  Unfortunately, today I only felt like half of a winner.  I did not have any cavities, which is fantastic.  That victory was short lived...because not only do I now grind my teeth and need a night guard, I also have 2 lower wisdom teeth that need extracting.


Now, when I come home from NC, I have an appointment with an Oral Surgeon, then the next day I have an appointment to get molds of my mouth taken.  My surgery to remove the evil wisdom teeth is on May 10...super not excited!

The night guard is going to cost 236 dollars, and worst case scenario my wisdom teeth surgery could cost me up to 500 dollars after insurance.  Wow, sometimes being a grown up sucks!

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