Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holy Crap, it's been a while!

So, I'm almost positive that the only people who view this blog are my family members...which is kind of understanding because as far as a blog goes, it's not that exciting, entertaining, or funny!  More like...a way to keep in touch with relatives who I'm not facebook friends with. Anywho, here's a brief update of all the things on my plate!

1. I definitely stopped doing the Beachbody stuff.  The workouts (while fun) were hurting my knees, and the dog stopped getting walked.  However, since I have stopped doing the workouts, the dog gets walked most every my weight loss has continued!  The last I checked, I had lost 9 pounds, and I still have about 10 to go.  My goal weight is roughly 125...but there's always so much fluctuation throughout the month that I understand I won't weigh 125 every single day.

2. Archer and I started going to Search and Rescue Training!  I'll do another post soon about how cool Search and Rescue is and what a great fit it is for him...along with some updated pictures!  He's getting really, really big.  Basically, just know that now he's a working dog not only in title.

3. I GOT AN IPHONE.  It's totally awesome, and I take about 100 pictures a day of all of the animals, because it's just so dang convenient.

4. I got another Doula Client :).  She is due this upcoming Friday...!

5.  As of January, I will officially be in school again.  There are programs to help military spouses finish Associate's degrees, so I will be getting an Associates of Science in Small Business Management.  I want to learn more about how I should run my Doula Business.  I'm pretty excited to get started!

6. Since I ditched Team Beachbody, I wanted to come up with another way to make a little extra money.  SO...I turned to some products that I use daily!  I love everything they make, so it sort of seemed like a natural jump for me.  As of last Saturday, I'm now a Mary Kay consultant!  It really seems like a better fit for me.  Let's face it...I'm not a workout junkie.  I'm soft, not toned...and I'm fairly curvy.  But, I do love makeup, and I love their skin care.  And, I've already had more success doing it.  So, YAY!

Back to the soft, not toned thing.  It's pretty neat - since I started working out more often and trying to lose weight, I started really looking at other women's bodies.  I'd look and think, do I really want to look like that?  The ideal that I had in my head of what I wanted to look like - when I really thought about it, I realized it wasn't what I wanted to look like at all!  Yes, I want to lose about 10 pounds.  But, I like the frame that I've got.  I like being curvy, and soft.  It makes me feel like a woman.  If I had the body that I thought that I wanted...I wouldn't be happy with it!  Being too skinny just doesn't seem sexy to me.  So, I had a dose of reality, and it really gave my self confidence a boost.  I still have my fat days, and my I need to love weight moments...but they're not really what I worry about all the time.  It feels nice to feel more comfortable in my skin.

7. My best friend is moving away.  Their time here has come to an end, and while I'm so happy for her and her family, I'm sad for me!  I'm starting to make an effort to make new friends.  Has anybody else noticed how after you grow up, it's like a million times harder to make new friends and connect with people?! I mean, as a little kid, you just sort of click and instantly become friends, but that's only happened with like, 3 people since I've gotten out here! And now they're all gone! Frack.

Here's a cute photo :

....okay.  That was 3 cute photos!


  1. Hi Robin! I am so tickled you posted something on your blog! I read everything and I know I'm not family so hooray! :)

    I am even more happy to hear how you've come to love your body. I have always thought you were beautiful but as someone who also strives to love the body she has, I understand how hard it can be to love yourself and see that beauty. Good for you. :)

    It does seem harder to make friends as an adult. This has been something that has caused some strife in my life and more than a little trauma. I have to say though that the people that have stuck it out with me (near or far) have truly added something to my life. I hope you know that even though I'm still in North Carolina you still have a friend in me. :)

    I'm so happy and excited about all the things you have going on in your life and if I knew I wasn't going to be in the Netherlands when I needed a doula - I would totally choose you. :)

    With many Hugs and much Love,

  2. Molly! I miss you so much! It was always make my day when I'd run into you at DTCC :). And, are you moving to the Netherlands? And, are you pregnant?? That would be so awesome!