Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paper Chains

I think that probably the only people who read this blog (if anyone does) are the people who already know me.  For the people who already know me, this goes without saying, but I will say it anyways.  I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN THE SUPER BOWL. I really don't understand organized sports in general, especially since it always seems to surround people trying to get a ball, of all things.  It just seems silly.  Anyways, it's a good thing that I have no interest in the Super Bowl, because it means that I can get other things done while the rest of the country has had to plan their weekend accordingly, knowing that they will have to block out most of Sunday night. I studied for my first Nutrition exam, which is tomorrow morning, and I also spent time studying a little bit for Microbiology (in which I have an exam on Tuesday morning).  It feels good to be productive. I also did something else (which is way more fun)....

You all should really know something about me...I rock at paper chains!  I have been making paper chains for as long as I can remember.  Every time I got excited about something, be it Christmas, my birthday, a party, or Easter, I would make a paper chain to count down to it.  I would color code my chains to signify a holiday (red and green for christmas, pastels for easter, etc.) and it was totally awesome.  Occasionally I still whip out a paper chain if I'm feeling good about something.  Tonight I made a paper chain counting down to the end of the semester! 4 weeks down, 12 to go. 

This is a picture of my fabulous paper chain, made with sparkly, shiny turquoise and lavender paper.  It's beautiful!  I know the colors are hard to see on the picture, but it totally looks rad. The colors are nice and springy, just like I hope the weather will be (and soon). 

It's been kind of a stressful time for me, since I decided that the Nursing won't be for me.  I still love pregnant women, and would still like to be involved in birth (maybe as a Doula?). Anywho, I am the type of person who LOVES  a plan, and it's been stressful not having one! The paper chain therapy works.  Crafting is a big stress reliever. 

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  1. A doula's job IS to love pregnant women! I always thought you would be good at it. It's also really great back-up income if you are ever out of a job or couldn't work full time (because you were traveling or had your own kids to take care of... etc).