Thursday, January 31, 2013

Power Hour

I have really been feeling like a shitty housewife this week, since the house was a wreck and I felt too tired to deal with anything housework related.  But, this afternoon I decided to implement a 'Power Hour'.  Basically, I set the timer for 1 hour, turned on an audiobook on my ipod, and cleaned!  It actually was quite effective!  I managed to get all sorts of trash around the house thrown away, cleaned off the floor, vacuumed, and unloaded/loaded the dishwasher!  I had 2 minutes left on the timer when I stopped it, because I had to get dinner started....but I feel like making dinner basically falls under that category anyways.  I think I may start to have a power hour daily, just to get things done around here!  

I've also got a job interview on Monday for a really cute bakery/coffee shop.  I doubt I'll get the job, as I'm leaving in 5 months and I'll be gone for the second half of April, but I figured it was worth it to go in for the interview.  

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