Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Family Member!

This is our adorable puppy Archer! We got him a few days ago, and he's a really good boy! He's picking up the crate training and potty training really quickly, and already knows a few commands! He's mastered sit, come, and he's pretty good at stay.  He's also learning down and shake, and I'm trying to teach him to army crawl! He also fetches, and doesn't bark when people come to the door!  That is NICE.  The cats are taking it okay, surprisingly, Lily better than Twinkie.  He just wants to play with them, which of course they do not understand.  But, they are doing better than when he first arrived, so they'll all be friends soon.  I'm glad that they haven't decided that the best way to get back at us is to pee on things!  Here's a pic of our new boy

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