Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yesterday I went and got/filled out 4 job applications. I just got called today by Bath and Body Works, and I've got an interview tomorrow at 3!!! This is despite working there previously, and never being called in again by them...not quite sure what happened there?  Anyways, I GOT AN INTERVIEW! WHOOO

Edit: about 45 minutes after Bath and Body Works called, Mrs. Delish's cupcakes called.  I've got an interview today at 3. WHOOOOOOOO


  1. I'm rooting for the cupcake job!! I think I was a pastry chef in a former life, because whenever I bake stuff I feel like this plump french woman inside me is getting really excited. That doesn't mean I am any good at baking, unfortunately.

  2. I feel like I was, too, because something inside of me gets super excited! Then after I'm done, I don't even usually want any of what I've made. I really really want the cupcake job!