Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cranky face

This week my throat has started to hurt...this morning I woke up and it felt much worse.  I decided to not go to class and sleep more, and see if that helped.  (sometimes that helps when I'm not feeling well).  It didn't!  My throat feels raw, and when I tried to eat breakfast, it kind of hurt going down.  Just settled on a banana, kind of slippery...still hurt!

Luckily, my mind has not been affected (although I do have a slight headache), so I've been able to get some projects done for school.  The diet project for Nutrition is really fun, I'm learning about my diet and what I need.  Turns out I only really need about 2200 calories a day, not 2400, which was my average.  Anywho, I did part 3, still need to do part 4 (a short paper evaluating my diet and what I've learned).  I still need to write my 3 page paper for Philosophy, and there's also a short project in Nutrition about the elderly's diet.  That's what I'm working on currently, shouldn't take too long.  All of this stuff is due on Friday, but I'm not freaking out!  I know I can get it done :)

My appetite is gone. : /

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